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Audiometry Unit


Hearing disorders are the loss of the ability to hear, which can lead to hearing loss or deafness. Hearing loss can be compensated by hearing aids. Therefore, assessment of the hearing ability and finding the location of the lesion in the external, middle, and internal ear or the central nervous system is very important and shall be done by conducting various tests and using audiometry equipment. Hearing rehabilitation includes trainings in lip-reading, sign language, prevention and special cares.

The Audiometry Unit of Erfan Hospital provides the following diagnostic and rehabilitation services:

•    Audiometry and tympanometry
•    Hearing Aid Advice
•    Electrophysiological tests including ABR, OAE and ...
•    Balance assessments


About Erfan Hospital

Erfan Hospital is a private multie specialty sinc in2007, to provide advanced health, treatment and medical services based on human values and dignity. Erfan is one of the best equipped hospitals in Iran, established in accordance with the latest hospital standards, and designed and constructed as a general hospital, enjoying well equipped operation rooms for all subspecialty fields. 

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