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Inpatient Wards

The Erfan Hospital has several general inpatient wards, each having two-bed and single-bed patient rooms. The facilities of single-bed patient rooms include TV, refrigerator, furniture, telephone, and internet.
One of the features of inpatient wards of Erfan Hospital is the presence of experienced physicians, expert and compassionate staff, patient and companion training (for example, explanation about diet or insulin injections to diabetic patients), suitable peaceful physical environment, digital beds for patients and excellent services. Also, it is possible to visit the patients after arranging with the charge nurse.
It should be noted that for one-bed rooms, only one person will be allowed to stay with the patient on a 24-hour basis, after paying the usual fees.

Inpatient Ward 1 (A)

This is a general ward and patients with internal diseases such as diabetes as well as cancer patients and those who have general surgeries, neurological surgeries, and urologic surgeries are admitted to this ward.

Inpatient Ward 2 (B)

Patients with internal, infectious and neurological diseases such as diabetes, TIA, CVA, pneumonia, diabetic foot infection, etc. are usually admitted to this ward.

Inpatient Ward 3 (C)

Generally, the surgical patients (usually in fields of orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, and general surgery) are admitted to this ward.

Inpatient Ward 4 (D)

This ward is specific to the female patients including those who have had natural vaginal delivery (NVD), cesarean section, gynecological surgeries, beauty surgeries, ocular surgeries, and neurological surgeries.

Inpatient Ward 5 (F)

This ward has its own special entrance and enjoys good physical conditions and corridors. The nursing station is at the entrance of the ward. The private room enjoys full service. The two-bed rooms have a great space and excellent lighting. The patients with infectious, internal or neurological diseases are usually admitted to this ward.

Inpatient Ward 6 (Psychiatry)

Psychiatric patients are admitted to this ward.

Inpatient Ward 7

This ward has several beds with elevators, oxygen, central suction, and monitoring devices. Patients are admitted to this ward usually for chemotherapy, as well as preoperative cares and evaluations in order to get ready for different types of surgeries.
Admission and Hospitalization of the Patients in the Inpatient Wards
The admission process is done by the hospital admission unit. After preparation of the patient’s file, wearing the identification bracelet on the patient’s hand, and arrangement with the ward, the patient will be transferred to the relevant ward. Then, after being welcomed by the charge nurse and the clerk and verification of the identity of the patient, he/she will be guided to the bed. Then, after providing explanations to the patient about the ward, the charter of patient rights, nursing alarm, and the remote control, the necessary contact numbers will be provided to the patient and the patient's clothes will be changed by the nursing assistant. Then, the nurse introduces his/her supervisor to the patient, fills in the nursing admission form, asks the patient about his/her present problem, past medical history, and drugs history, and receives his/her past medical documents and reports to register them in the related form. Finally, it will be explained that the patient and companion themselves are responsible for the protection of their expensive objects.
After relative improvement and oral or written discharge order of the physician, the patient record will be reviewed and completed by the clerk, and the nursing report and discharge education form will be completed by the nurse. Then, the discharge summary form, medication prescription and its instructions, home instructions, and the times of the next visit and receiving pathology result (If any sample has been sent from the operation room) will be provided to the patient. After the discharge process and delivery of the discharge receipt to the clerk, the patient will be assisted in gathering his/her personal belongings and in changing his/her clothes, and if needed, will be accompanied to the exit door of the hospital by a nurse assistant.

The Rules of the Inpatient Wards

  1. If you want, you can buy a healthcare bag from the pharmacy or use personal things you have brought along from home.
  2. The visit time is from 14 to 17 o’clock every day. On holidays, the time interval between 10 to 12 o’clock is added to the visit time.
  3. The mealtimes for patients: breakfast from 5 to 6 o’clock, lunch from 12 to 13 o’clock, and dinner from 18 to 19 o’clock. Between the meals, tea will be served for the patient and his/her companions.
  4. Keep all your previous medical records and your insurance booklet until the end of your stay in the hospital.
  5. To prevent hospital infections, we recommend that the patient and his/her companions disinfect their hands before and after entering the room by disinfecting solutions installed at the entrance of each room.
  6. The information on the patient’s file is confidential and the staff is not authorized to provide this information to anyone. You can ask your questions from your doctor or the supervisor nurse.
  7. Do not smoke in the rooms and corridors of the ward.
  8. If you have any medication that should be stored in refrigerator, please give it to the charge nurse.

Points to Notice

In this hospital, the anesthesiologists, internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, pediatricians, and surgeons are present on a 24-hour basis to attend the patient whenever necessary.

  • All parts of the department are under CCTV camera control.
  • Please do not touch the connectors attached to the patients.
  • Do not take photos and videos or talk on the cellphone in the corridors of inpatient wards.


 Educating the Patient and Relatives

The patient education in this hospital is performed in the following ways:

  1. 1.    Written education: distribution of educational brochures provided at the clinics and all wards and units of the hospital.
  2. 2.    TV programs: educational programs broadcasted in in-hospital TV channel
  3. 3.    Oral education: includes oral instructions provided by the medical and nursing staff upon the admission of the patient, during hospitalization and upon discharge.


Criticisms, Suggestions, and Complaints

If you have any criticism or suggestion, you can do one of the followings:

  • Call the IVR service number 23021704. The Complaints Unit is in B floor.
  • Go to the nursing office in person or call 09122405732 (mobile phone of the supervisor).
  • Write it down and put it into boxes installed in the wards or in the corridors.

Location of the units that you may need
The Nursing and Management Offices are on the first floor lobby and next to the pharmacy.
The prayer room is in the yard on G floor.
The discharge unit, medical records unit, bank, buffet, and supermarket are on the first floor.


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