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Physiotherapy Department


The Physiotherapy Department of Erfan Hospital is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Iran. It enjoys expert and skillful personnel who are ready to provide physiotherapy services in two work shifts of morning and evening.  This department is equipped with modern electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, cryotherapy, laser, biofeedback and isokinetic equipment. This department uses the up-to-date and evidence-based physiotherapy science and modern technologies, therefore, the experts working in this unit constantly learn the new therapeutic methods. Some of the valuable features of the physiotherapy department are providing psychological care for the patients and making great efforts to obtain their satisfaction.

The services provided

In addition to provision of outpatient services, this department provides specialized services to patients who are hospitalized in different wards of the hospital, including physiotherapy and rehabilitation consultation, respiratory physiotherapy, and upper and lower limbs physiotherapy for prevention of complications of the surgery and hospitalization and lung infection, as well as increasing the respiratory capacity and improving the respiratory function, preventing mobility limitations and improving the range of motion (ROM) of the joints. Also the rehabilitation unit of the physiotherapy department is ready to provide technical services such as orthoses and medical shoes for orthopedic, hemiplegic, paraplegic and CP patients.

What is the physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment method with the least side effects for the movement disorders and pains, in which the physiotherapist through the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention attempts to improve the quality of life of the patients.

A physiotherapist by employing the physical and mechanical factors and full knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the muscles, joints, and nerves as well as the kinesiology and electrotherapy, applies special techniques and treatment exercises to treat the neurological, muscular and skeletal diseases and disorders.

The most important physical and mechanical factors and the techniques and treatment methods used by physiotherapists are the following:
•    Ultra-violet (UV)
•     Heat (Infra-red)
•    Coldness
•    Lower frequency electrical currents (such as TENS, faradic, interferential)
•    Electromagnetic factors
•    Laser and diathermy
•    Ultrasound
•    Massage
•    Water
•    Special machines for joint movements
•    Traction  
•    Therapeutic exercises
•    Special exercises for professional athletes


Respiratory physiotherapy

This method consists of a set of procedures used for respiratory diseases to clean the airways and increase the respiratory function.
Diseases requiring respiratory physiotherapy include the following:
Almost all the patients who are unable to discharge lung secretions naturally, such as those who underwent chest surgery, those whose muscles of the respiratory system are weak, and those who have respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, lung abscess, bronchiectasis, atelectasis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.
Respiratory physiotherapy plays a key role in ICU patients to reduce the duration of their stay in the hospital.
Also, the preoperative and postoperative respiratory physiotherapies are recommended for all patients undergoing thoracic surgeries.

The aims of the respiratory physiotherapy:
•    Improving the respiratory ventilation
•    Increasing the efficiency of the respiratory muscles
•    Improving the endurance in general activities
•    Preventing accumulation of pulmonary secretions
•    Improving coughs
•    Increasing thoracic mobility
•    Correction of the breathing pattern
•    Preventing atelectasis
•    Modifying or preventing postural changes


Points to Notice

In this hospital, the anesthesiologists, internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, pediatricians, and surgeons are present on a 24-hour basis to attend the patient whenever necessary.

•    All parts of the department are under CCTV camera control.
•    Please do not touch the connectors attached to the patients.
•    Do not take photos and videos or talk on the cellphone in the corridors of this department.


Training the patient and the relatives

Training in this hospital is provided in the following ways:

•    Written Training: distribution of educational brochures provided in the clinics and all hospital departments
•    TV Programs: educational programs broadcasted in the in-hospital TV channel
•    Oral Training: provision of oral education to the patient and relatives by a physiotherapist at the time of admission, during treatment, and after discharge


Complaints, Suggestions, Complaints

If you have any objections or suggestions in this regard, you can do one of the following:
-    Call the IVR service number 23021704. The Complaints Unit is in B floor.
-    Go to the nursing office in person or call 09122405732 (mobile phone of the supervisor).
-    Write it down and put it into boxes installed in the department or in the corridors.


The units you may need to know about

The Nursing and Management Offices are on the first floor lobby and next to the pharmacy.
The prayer room is in the yard on G floor.
The discharge unit, medical records unit, bank, buffet and supermarket are on the first floor.
Location of the physiotherapy unit: ground floor, western side

Phone number: 22357380


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