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Cardiology Group

The Cardiology Department of Erfan Hospital enjoying advanced facilities and well-equipped units including CCU, angiography, electrophysiology, and electrocardiography as well as an active day clinic, is ready to provide prevention and treatment services to dear customers.
 In addition to medical treatments for most cardiovascular diseases, this department can perform specialized complementary evaluations including stress echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), angiography and electrophysiology, as well as invasive angiographic therapies and if surgery is required, it undertakes the preoperative and postoperative measures together with the cardiovascular surgery group.
The presence of specialists and subspecialist professors from various fields of cardiovascular diseases has provided this department with the capability of performing emergent procedures such as primary angioplasty and even the treatment of non-cardiac and peripheral vascular diseases.

Ultimately, maintenance therapeutic measures are taken for the patients who have not benefited from the measures above.


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