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Patients Safety Charter

About a century ago, Florence Nightingale stated that an appropriate environment has a key role in patient’s recovery. Today, hospital designers and executive managers try hard to create a suitable environment for patients. One of the issues considered in the hospital wards in order to create a suitable environment for patients, is safety. About treatment services, quality of the provided services and the patients’ safety are closely interwoven. Therefore, Efran Hospital considers the provision of safe and high quality health cares as its professional, ethical and legal obligation. The safety issues in different parts of the hospital are as follows:

Hospital Management

- The president of the hospital is committed to the patient safety.
- The hospital has a patient safety plan.
- The hospital uses gathered data to improve the service provision safety.
- The hospital enjoys perfect and high-performance devices and equipment for providing its services.
- The hospital has technically qualified and specialist manpower necessary for safe service provision round the clock.
- The hospital enjoys policies, clinical guidelines, and standard executive methods in all units and support services.
- The hospital enjoys a system for infection risk reduction.
- The hospital guarantees the safety of blood and blood products.
- The hospital guarantees safe injection of drugs, serums, and vaccines.
- The hospital enjoys a safe medication system.  
- The hospital has a full archive of the medical documents.


Safe Environment

- The hospital has a physically safe and harmless environment for patients and visitors.
- The hospital enjoys a safe waste disposal management system
- The hospital has a clear and special plan to improve employees’ professionalism in field of patient safety.


Continuing education

- The hospital evaluates and confirms the qualification of its personnel specially as regards the knowledge level
- The hospital continuously conducts the researches related to the patient safety


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