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Private Specialty Nursing Care and Treatment Services

In order to achieve the organizational strategic goals which are continuous improvement of quality through the establishment of patient's safety system and raising patients’ satisfaction, Erfan Hospital has established its Private Specialty Nursing Department to provide more and better nursing, auxiliary nursing, and paraclinical services to patients in the hospital or after discharge from the hospital.

Special Objectives


  • Improving the quality of specialty nursing care
  • Improving the level of patient safety
  • Improving the level of satisfaction of the patients and their relatives
  • Continuous communication between the patients and the hospital and its doctors, even after discharge
  • Increasing the peace of mind and reducing the stress of the patients and their relatives
  • Continuous integrated care of the patient while staying in the hospital and after discharge


All of these services are provided by the personnel of Erfan Hospital.

  1. Types of Private Specialty Nursing Care and Treatment Services
  2. 24-hour specialty nursing care services in the hospital
  3. 24-hour specialty nursing care services at home
  4. 24-hour specialty auxiliary nursing care services in the hospital and at home
  5. 24-hour home care services for the patients, the elderly and newborns
  6. All of the paraclinical services such as physiotherapy, laboratory, radiology, speech therapy, etc.
  7. Medical and nursing visit and consultation at home
  8. Coordination with the ambulance center for transfer of patients
  9. Provision of all treatment and care services prescribed by treating doctor (serum therapy, urethral catheter insertion, enteral nutrition, nasogastric tube placement, dressing change, etc.)

The private specialty nursing care unit continuously assesses the performance of its staff in order to improve the patients’ satisfaction, and reports the evaluation to the personnel and takes necessary actions and makes amending interventions with the aim of providing high quality services. This approach can improve the standard service provision.

The Process of Applying for Private Specialty Nursing Care

  1. A written request from a patient or relatives for receiving private specialty nursing care
  2. Doctor's agreement on providing specialty treatment and care nursing services to the patient
  3. The head nurse or the charge nurse informs the patient or relatives
  4. The head nurse or the charge nurse informs the shift supervisor
  5. The shift supervisor informs the supervisor in charge
  6. The supervisor in charge coordinates the necessary actions and provides explanations to the patient and relatives


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