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Intensive Care Units (ICUs)

The ICUs of Erfan Hospital with structures in accordance to the latest world standards and enjoying the air sterilizers and natural lighting have provided the patients with a suitable atmosphere.
The ICUs are equipped with the most advanced equipment and central monitoring and are ready to admit and provide services to critically ill patients on a 24-hours basis. The experienced and compassionate personnel of ICUs constantly receive necessary education and trainings in the conferences that held in the hospital or outside the hospital.

The anesthesiologists are resident in the ICUs on a 24-hour basis.


Special Services of the ICUs

  • The patients take bath at least 2 to 3 times per week
  • The number of beds is proportionate to the number of nurses and the auxiliary nurses
  • In-service training for nurses and auxiliary nurses
  • Isolated room for isolating some patients
  • All the beds are equipped with cardiac monitoring, pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, skin thermometer, rectal thermometer, transducer cable for central venous pressure and arterial pressure monitoring, central oxygen supply system, central suction system and Gomco suction machines.
  • Performing echocardiography in the ICU
  • Performing portable ultrasound in the ICU
  • Performing bronchoscopy by portable bronchoscope machine in the ICU
  • Patients with advanced ulcers receive the necessary cares such as dressing and bondage from the wound clinic
  • Providing care to the patients with critical respiratory and brain conditions including CRF, CVA, poisoning and cancer patients who need to mechanical ventilation and accurate control of vital signs
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