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Erfan Hospital is a private specialty and subspecialty hospital established on 03.03.2007, to provide advanced health, treatment and medical services based on human values and dignity. This hospital, enjoys 180 active beds ordered in one-bed and two-bed rooms and the intensive care units.

It is constructed in a site with an area of 4480 square meter with 20,000 square meter of constructed area in 9 floors.



Online Services of Erfan Hospital

Erfan Hospital Lab.

Erfan Hospital Lab.

Intensive Care Units of Erfan Hospital

Intensive Care Units of Erfan Hospital

General Operation Rooms of Erfan Hospital

General Operation Rooms of Erfan Hospital

Erfan Imaging Center

Erfan Imaging Center

Erfan Genetics and Fertility Unit

Erfan Genetics and Fertility Unit

Erfan Beauty and Skin Clinic

Erfan Beauty and Skin Clinic


International Patients Department (IPD)

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    Treatment Cost Control

    Before coming to Erfan Hospital, please note that the cost of excellent medical services in this hospital and generally, in Iran, is much lower than the cost of similar services in developed countries
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    Travel to Historical Cities of Iran

    Once traveling to Iran, in addition to receiving needed medical services, you can visit the historical monuments of Iran, the majestic palaces in Tehran and the neighboring cities.
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    International Patients Admission

    You can receive the information on coordination for travel to Iran and admission of your patient in Erfan Hospital.
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    Travel and Treatment Coordination

    Coordination for travel to Iran, treatment and return to the home country by IPD Experts of Erfan Hospital
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    Welfare Facilities for the Patient and Their Companions

    For the welfare of the customers, we provide them with facilities such as English, Arabic and Turkish translators, possibility of ordering different foods, bank, taxi, etc.
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    Medical Technologies

    Erfan Hospital is equipped with the most advanced, up-to-date, world renowned brand equipment and uses modern technologies in diagnosis and treatment procedures.

  • Guide for Customers of Intensive Care Units

    Visit time for patient relatives in Intensive Care Units is from 15:30 to 16:50 on even days and Friday.

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  • Contact Information

    You can come to Erfan Hospital by bus, taxi or subway. To come to Erfan Hospital by bus, you can take the Inqilab Sq. to Sanat Sq. line route and ...

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  • Patient’s Rights

    Any patient admitted to the medical center has the right to be hospitalized, examined, trained and treated with respect for his/her personality and privacy

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About Erfan

Welcome to Erfan Hospital, where your health is our priority. At Erfan Hospital, we are dedicated to providing exceptional medical care, personalized attention, and cutting-edge treatments to optimize your well-being. Our mission is to deliver excellence in every aspect of your medical journey. With a team of experienced medical professionals and a suite of state-of-the-art facilities, your choice of Erfan Hospital ensures that you receive the highest standard of care for your healthcare needs. Trust us for a healthcare experience that goes beyond expectations.

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