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International Patients Department (IPD)
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    Travel and Treatment Coordination

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    Welfare Facilities for the Patient and Companion

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    Medical Technologies

Coordination for Travel to Iran, Treatment and Return to the Home Country

Erfan Private Hospital provides a wide range of comprehensive services in the field of health tourism. Such that the process of examination, diagnosis and treatment besides a pleasant residence for the patient and relatives in private rooms is easily planned. You can simply refer to Erfan Hospital website and contact the IPD expert through the online menu of the International Patients Department (IPD). The IPD Expert of Erfan Private Hospital, will provide you with all the necessary information and answer your questions with patience. In this stage you will be asked to submit your medical documents to the IPD Expert. You can submit the documents through email or fax. The IPD Expert will discuss your medical records with the specialists and doctors of the related field and after thorough evaluations, a description of the treatment will be provided to you.
In case of your request, a visit time will be determined for you to come to Erfan Hospital and an exact timetable will be provided to you. You can check your circumstances on the relevant dates based on the timetable and take necessary measures for your travel. Get your visa and travel ticket and do not worry about your place of residence, as Efran hospital has concluded cooperation contracts with excellent hotels near the hospital for the residence of the international patients and their companions. These hotels are suitable residential places, and you can contact them for reservation.
When you arrive at Erfan Hospital on determined dates, the IPD Expert will welcome you and help you with creating your medical record, so that the process of collecting and registering your personal and medical data will be hastened. Then you and your companions will be guided to places allocated to you to take a rest after travel and get ready for medical examinations and tests. Should you need any foodstuff, clothes or special tools, you can tell the employees of the department, and they will help you feel comfortable and at peace during residence in the hospital. Meanwhile your personal data and medical records, will be investigated and confirmed by Head of IPD.
Whenever you are ready, the tests and examinations will be performed. The test results can help to determine the treatment process more accurately. Erfan Hospital always tries to accelerate the provision of treatment services in accordance with your acceptable time period, without disrupting the quality of the services. The enjoyment of a specialized space for international patients in accordance with world standards and the presence of numerous surgeons and specialists in Efran Private Hospital, has greatly shortened waiting time of receiving medical services for the international patients.
After the admission of the patient, clothes with special colorings and a special bracelet will be provided to the patient with the aim of easing contact between the patient and his/her companions and making their traffic in the hospital simpler, so that the staff, nurses, and translators can help them better. All the hospital employees have had the specialized trainings about the international patients and are fluent in English. Also full time English, Arabic and Turkish translators are present at the hospital to help you and your companion if necessary.
Erfan Hospital has succeeded to obtain official licenses and international certificates to the observance of the world medical standards. Therefore, you can come to this hospital for receiving medical and surgical services with confidence and peace of mind, and in addition to enjoying the beauties and the attractions of Tehran City, follow your treatment program.
After completion of your treatment and at the end of the recovery period, the final examinations will be performed, and if needed, a comprehensive timetable for your next visits will be provided to you.
The doctors, experts, and nurses of this department will give you the necessary instructions and teach you the medical treatment methods with the aim of hastening your improvement. Therefore, after return to your country, you will be able to follow your treatment program.
After completion of the medical treatment process, the financial unit will determine the cost payable and the bill will be provided to you.
If needed, the hospital will provide you with a trustable taxi with a driver fluent in English for returning to the airport.


Welfare Facilities for the Patients and Their Companions

The following facilities are provided in Erfan Hospital in order to ensure the clients’ welfare:
o    English, Arabic and Turkish translators
o    Staff fluent in English
o    Taxi service
o    Bank for currency exchange
o    Relief ambulance
o    Private rooms
o    The potential for ordering different types of foods
o    Prayer room
o    Coffee Shop
o    Laundry

In case of the customers’ request, arrangements will be made for staying in the hotels near Erfan Hospital such as Espinas Palace Hotel, Parsian Evin Hotel, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel, etc.


Medical Technologies

Erfan Hospital is equipped with modern and up-to-date equipment of the best brands in the world. Using the modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment process helps the hospital doctors to provide excellent treatment and medical services to the patients. The followings are some of the advanced technologies of Erfan Hospital:
1. Beating open heart surgery
2. Image-guided radiation therapy
3. Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
4. Bone marrow and stem cell transplant in children and adults
5. Multidetector CT- Scan
6. Digital subtraction angiography (DSA)
7. Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE)
8. Digital mammography
9. Four-dimensional Ultrasound


Attending Doctors


Specialty and Subspecialty Fields

The Doctors



Dr. Ali Fattahi Bafghi

Dr. Mohammad Farhadi

Dr. Faramraz Memari

Dr. Reza Ziaei

Dr. Abbas Safavi Naeini

Dr. Masoud Fallah Tafti


General Surgery

Dr. Mahmoud Piri Ardakani

Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fanaei

Dr. Shapour Moumivand

Dr. Mohammadreza Farahmand

Dr. Karamollah Toulabi

Dr. Shahram Nazari

Dr. Seyed Alireza Haeri

Dr. Ali Hojjat

Dr. Abbas Zamanian

Dr. Mohammad Pezashki

Dr. Seyed Amirabbas Mirabolfathi


General Surgery (Thyroid and parathyroid surgeries)

Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fanaei


General Surgery (obesity surgeries)

Dr. Shahram Nazeri

Dr. Karamollah Toulabi

Dr. Hashem Moazenzadeh

Dr. Mohammadreza Farahmand

Dr. Shahpour Moumivand

Dr. Seyed Alireza Haeri

Dr. Taha Anbara


General Surgery (Aesthetic surgeries)

Dr. Vazindel

Dr. Gholamreza Varasteh Kia


Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Rabiei Hashemi

Dr. Saman Khosheyni

Dr. Ali Ebrahimi

Dr. Seyed Esmaeil Hassanpour


Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Seyed Soheil Benrazavi


Vascular Surgery

Dr. Mohammad Mozaffar

Dr. Shahram Izadpanah


Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Abolghasem Daneshvar

Dr. Elyas Khaleghi

Dr. Azizollah Abbasi Dezfouli

Dr. Nasrin Rahmanijou


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Azamossadat Mousavi

Dr. Shabani Zanjani

Dr. Fatemeh Ali Babaei

Dr. Nahid Farajzadeh

Dr. Azita Saffarzadeh

Dr. Shirin Niroumanesh

Dr. Marjan Mahboubi


Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Mehdi Givehchian

Dr. Manouchehr Hekmat

Dr. Esmaeil Asdaghpour

Dr. Reza Sadat Afjehei

Dr. Nasrollah Maghamipour

Dr. Mohammadhassan Naseri


Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Asghar Akbari Mamaghani

Dr. Bahram Pishgou

Dr. Yahya Dadjou

Dr. Jamshid Aidenlou

Dr. Ali Masoumi

Dr. Zahra Jouzani Kohan

Dr. Arash Hashemi

Dr. Esfandiar Fouladi

Dr. Nematollah Pourebrahim



Dr. Babak Sharif Kashani

Dr. Nematollah Pourebrahim

Dr. Mohammadjafar Hashemi

Dr. Jamshid Aidenlou

Dr. Fariba Hendesi

Dr. Ali Masoumi

Dr. Esfandiar Fouladi

Dr. Zahra Jouzani Kohan

Dr. Arash Hashemi

Dr. Yahya Dadjou

Dr. Bahram Pishgou

Dr. Asghar Akbari Mamaghani

Dr. Aria Esmaeili Khatir

Dr. Babak Payami


Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Ahmad Vesal



Dr. Hassan Eshaghiyeh

Dr. Majid Kheirkhah



Dr. Mohsen Amini

Dr. Hosein Khedmat

Dr. Bijan Shahbazkhani

Dr. Firooz Ejieh

Dr. Maryam Rezaei Salim



Dr. Mohammadreza Ebrahimian

Dr. Farhad Pourazadi

Dr. Afshin Taheri Azam

Dr. Gholamhosein Naderifar

Dr. Shahdad Mansouri

Dr. Mehrdad Mansouri

Dr. Alizaman Mohammadi

Dr. Hamid Zarrabi

Dr. Mohtasham Almaszadeh

Dr. Gholamreza Zaryab

Dr. Afshin Aminzadeh Gohari

Dr. Mohammadali Hajighasem

Dr. Akbar Khodadadi


Orthopedics (Knee surgeries)

Dr. Mohammadreza Ebrahimian


Orthopedic (Hip surgeries)

Dr. Afshin Taheri Azam


Orthopedics (Ankle surgeries)

Dr. Seyed Hojjat Ayatollahi Mousavi



Dr. Masoud Dehghani Arani



Dr. Mojtaba Shahidi

Dr. Sadegh Mirzadeh

Dr. Darioush Nasabi Tehrani

Dr. Parviz Bahrami



Dr. Hassan Reza Mohammadi

Dr. Giv Sharifi

Dr. Eshagh Bahrami

Dr. Abdolreza Farzan

Dr. Babak Babapour

Dr. Darioush Naviafar

Dr. Mina Izadi Boroujeni

Dr. Mansour Parvaresh

Dr. Masoud Fakheri


Spinal Surgery

Dr. Masoud Fakheri


Parkinson's Disease Surgery (Deep brain stimulation)

Dr. Mansour Parvaresh



Dr. Mohammadomid Tahbaz

Dr. Mehrdad Bakhshayesh Karam

Dr. Hadi Rokni Yazdi

Dr. Reza Asadi Golkar

Dr. Soheila Zahirifard



Dr. Hosein Noorbala

Dr. Abbas Basiri

Dr. Akbar Nooralizadeh

Dr. Seyed Hosein Hoseini Sharifi

Dr. Javid Samadi

Dr. Hosein Habib Ekyari


Urology (Endourology)

Dr. Saeid Zand



Dr. Ahmad Hosseini (Embryologist(

Dr. Soheila Arefi

Dr. Ashraf Moeini


Internal Medicine

Dr. Javad Merasizadeh

Dr. Nahid Aliakbari

Dr. Mahdieh Rezaei Salim

Dr. Jalaleddin Ahmadi Afshar

Dr. Saeid Hoseini

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Motahari

Dr. Khatereh Haghighat

Dr. Seyed Hasan Saba


Internal Medicine (Lung diseases)

Dr. Minou Habibi



Dr. Arda Kiani



Dr. Ahmad Esfandiar



Dr. Zohreh Oloumi Yazdi



Dr. Mohammad Hosein Behzad Moghaddam



Dr. Ramin Nasr



Dr. Fatemeh Haji Ebrahim Tehrani



Dr. Minou Kalantari



Dr. Vahid Pourfarziani



Dr. Mohsen Nafar



Dr. Sasan Mosallaei



Dr. Siamak Habibi Moeini



Dr. Fereidun Azizi


Clinical Toxicology

Dr. Shahram Shafieian


Pain Medicine

Dr. Kambiz Bagherzadi



Dr. Fariborz Bagheri



Dr. Masoud Afzali

Dr. Mohammadreza Mohammadi


Infectious Diseases

Dr. Mahin Jamshidi Makiani

Dr. Shervin Shokouhi

Dr. Shahin Ghasemi

Dr. Masoud Motevasseli

Dr. Maryam Zadsar


Hematology and Oncology

Dr. Farahnaz Vafaeinejad

Dr. Mojtaba Ghadiani

Dr. Ali Shahriari Ahmadi

Dr. Masoud Iravani

Travel to Historical and Cultural Cities of Iran

Iran, with numerous mysteries and secrets, has always been a destination for tourists from different countries, and the tourists have always marveled at and become enamored of its historical, cultural and spiritual beauties. During travel to Iran, in addition to receiving very low-cost medical services, you can enjoy visiting the historical monuments of Iran, luxurious palaces in Tehran, and the beautiful dreamlike blend of the lush jungles and the blue sea of the north of Iran which are less than 5 hours away from Tehran. Thus you will experience a memorable travel alongside your companions. 

Treatment Cost Control

Before coming to Erfan Hospital, please note that the cost of excellent medical services in this hospital and generally, in Iran, is much lower than the cost of similar services in developed countries. The specialist and subspecialist doctors in all of medical fields provide treatments similar to those provided in European and American Countries, using up-to-date modern equipment of the most world-renowned brands, though the cost of these services in Iran is considerably lower than the Europe and America. In order to know the costs, you can ask the IPD Expert for an assessment of treatment costs before coming to Erfan Hospital. The IPD Expert will consult the IPD financial unit and inform you about the approximate cost of your treatment and residence. The approximate global cost of some operations is mentioned in this website.

2021 Medical and Hospital Fees for Foreign Patients
Row Type of Service Fees (IR Rials)
1 1st day inpatient visit 4.000.000
2 2st day inpatient visit 3.500.000
3 Discharge visit 3.500.000
4 1st day newborn visit 4.500.000
5 Inpatient consultation 4.500.000
6 General physician outpatient visit 1.500.000
7 Specialist physician outpatient visit 2.000.000
8 Subspecialist physician outpatient visit 2.500.000
9 Subspecialist psychiatrist outpatient visit 3.000.000
10 Patient’s companion stay in the hospital (per 24 hours) 15.000.000
11 Medications and consumable medical supplies Consumer Price

* Services related to the primary physicians can be calculated up to 4 times upon their request.

2021 Overall Estimated Cost and Estimated Hospital Stay of Common Procedures and Services for International Patients


2022 Overall Estimated Cost and Estimated Hospital Stay of Common Procedures and Services for International Patients of Erfan Hospital
Row Procedure Cost (IR Rials) Hospital Stay (nights)
General Surgery
1 Cholecystectomy 500.000.000 1-2
2 Thyroidectomy 500.000.000 2
3 Sleeve gastrectomy 900.000.000 2
4 Gastric bypass surgery 2
5 Gastrectomy 5
6 Colectomy 5
7 Mastectomy 500.000.000 1-2
8 Inguinal hernia surgery 450.000.000 1
9 Ventral hernia surgery 500.000.000 1
10 Hemorrhoidectomy / fissurectomy 450.000.000 Less than 1
11 Hemorrhoidectomy + fissurectomy 500.000.000 Less than 1
1 Lumbar spinal canal stenosis surgery 850.000.000 2
2 Cervical spinal canal stenosis surgery 800.000.000 2
3 Lumbar disc surgery 550.000.000 1
4 Cervical disk surgery 550.000.000 1
5 Brain tumor surgery 1.500.000.000 4
6 Pituitary tumor surgery 1.500.000.000 4
7 Spinal cord tumor surgery 3
8 Endoscopic brain surgery 800.000.000 1
9 Brain aneurysm surgery 1.300.000.000 3
10 Stereotactic brain surgery 750.000.000 1
11 Chiari malformation surgery 1.400.000.000 3
12 Trigeminal neuralgia surgery (Microvascular Decompression) 2
13 Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery for Parkinson’s disease 4.600.000.000 5
1 Total hip arthroplasty 1.500.000.000 2
2 Total knee arthroplasty 1
3 Knee ligaments repair surgery 600.000.000 1
4 Ankle arthroscopy 500.000.000 1
5 Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) surgery 250.000.000 Less than 1
1 Nephrectomy 850.000.000 3-4
2 Prostatectomy 750.000.000 2-3
3 Varicocele surgery 250.000.000 1
4 Cystoscopy 150.000.000 Less than 1
5 Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) 450.000.000 1
6 Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) 300.000.000 1
7 Transurethral lithotripsy (TUL) 300.000.000 Less than 1
Cardiac surgery
1 CABG (Coronary artery bypass grafting) 5
2 Cardiac valve surgery 5
Interventional cardiac surgery
1 Coronary angiography 250.000.000 1
2 Single vessel coronary angioplasty 380.000.000 1
3 Coronary angioplasty for any additional vessel 200.000.000 ***
4 EPS (Electrophysiology Studies) + Cardiac ablation 400.000.000 1
5 Permanent pacemaker implantation 600.000.000 1
6 Peripheral angioplasty 400.000.000 1
7 Angiography for children 500.000.000 2
Aesthetic surgery
1 Mammoplasty 800.000.000 1
2 Abdominoplasty  900.000.000 1
3 Breast prosthesis placement 950.000.000 1
4 Blepharoplasty 300.000.000 Less than 1
5 Lipomatic/Liposuction 650.000.000 1
Ear, Nose and Throat
1 Adenoidectomy 250.000.000 Less than 1
2 Tonsillectomy 450.000.000 1
3 Septoplasty 380.000.000 1
4 Rhinoplasty 400.000.000 1
5 Endoscopic sinus surgery 350.000.000 1
6 Tympanoplasty 450.000.000 1
7 Cochlear implant surgery 1.770.000.000 1
 Gynecology and Obstetrics
1 Cesarean section 300.000.000 1
2 Natural vaginal delivery 300.000.000 1
3 Uterine fibroid surgery 600.000.000 1
4 Hysterectomy 600.000.000 2
5 Ovarian cyst surgery 600.000.000 2
6 Dilatation & curettage 120.000.000 Less than 1
7 Hysteroscopy 170.000.000 Less than 1
1 Upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy 70.000.000 Less than 1
2 Colonoscopy 90.000.000 Less than 1
3 Polypectomy 180.000.000 Less than 1
4 Endoscopic radiofrequency ablation (RF) for gastroesophageal reflux Less than 1
5 Endoscopic balloon dilation for achalasia 200.000.000 Less than 1
6 ERCP 300.000.000 1
6 Endoscopic biliary stenting 400.000.000 1
7 Endoscopic ultrasound (Endosonography) 300.000.000 Less than 1
Pulmonology & Thoracic surgery
1 Bronchoscopy 220.000.000 Less than 1
2 Thoracoscopy 200.000.000 Less than 1
3 Lung tumor surgery 1.400.000.000 6
4 Chest tube insertion 200.000.000 Less than 1
5 Tracheostomy 3200.000.000 Less than 1
2020 Overall estimated cost of inpatient medical management of the internal diseases (without procedures) for international patients of Erfan Hospital
1 Medical management of adult internal diseases in general wards - 2-bedded room (per night) 90.000.000 ***
2 Medical management of adult internal diseases in general wards - single room (per night)


3 Chemotherapy (per day) 70.000.000 ***
4 Medical management of cardiac diseases in CCU (per night) 110.000.000 ***
5 Medical management of critically ill patients in ICU (per night) 170.000.000 ***
6 Medical management of pediatric diseases in the pediatric general ward (per night) 70.000.000 ***
  • The cost and duration of each treatment in our hospital were estimated according to standard operating conditions for normal patients.
  • The estimated prices are including the cost of operation, operating room, hospital bed, hospitalization (per day), Physician's visits and consultations, nursing services, laboratory and imaging services, as well as the general prices of medications, medical consumables and equipment, and prostheses used throughout surgery.
  • pediatric general ward (per night)
upload your medical records
To upload your medical records, please email digital and scanned medical documents to
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