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Neurosurgery Group

The Neurosurgery Group of Erfan Hospital with its prominent neurosurgery specialists and advanced surgical equipment provides the following services:


•    Surgical treatment of cerebrovascular disorders such as intracranial aneurysm
•    Brain and spinal cord tumors
•    Epilepsy
•    Neuro-oncology in a variety of malignancies
•    Spinal column disorders (spinal cord)
•    Different types of injuries and brain hemorrhages caused by crashes and falls (traumatic brain injury)
•    Congenital problems
•    Maxillofacial problems
•    Nerve biopsy
•    Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM)
•    Fixation of the vertebral fractures
•    Different types of herniated disks
Stereotactic surgery

In this hospital, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and stereotactic surgeries are performed.

DBS is the implantation of electrodes that send a weak and controlled electrical current to specific nuclei deep in the brain which reduces and sometimes completely improves the symptoms of the disease. This method which is carried out under the guidance of accurate imaging of these deep nuclei and then implantation of electrodes with an accurate routing of computer systems is the latest globally accepted method of the treatment of some serious illnesses. Currently, this surgery is carried out only in advanced countries but it has been carried out in Iran for more than 12 years and the largest number in Iran with over 400 successful surgeries has been performed by Dr. Mansour Parvaresh.

Stereotactic surgery is employed in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, dystonia, tic disorders, Tourette syndrome, and essential tremor. In addition, it has been decided that more applications of this surgery in the management of psychiatric illnesses such as obsession, depression, dementia, and addiction will start in Iran in the near future.

Using a stereotactic advanced system, known as the stereotaxy, we can perform surgeries with great precision in deep and inaccessible areas of the brain without damage to the normal tissues of the brain.

In this method, a stereotactic system is first attached to the skull and accurate images are taken from the brain by MRI, and then the calculations of the spatial coordinates of each point of the brain that is intended for surgery are selected. Afterwards, the calculated numbers are transferred to the stereotactic device, and from here on, such as navigational systems, without a direct view and simply by guiding the computer, we can access any point of the brain that is intended. In this method, the surgery is possible even without general anesthesia.

The cases that use stereotactic surgery are very diverse. Biopsy of most of the brain tumor, especially in deep, sensitive, and inaccessible areas, implantation of brain shunt, evacuation of cerebral hemorrhages in deep and sensitive areas, placing the radioactive materials into or near the deep brain tumors, drainage of cysts and deep abscesses of the brain, and implantation of electrodes for DBS surgeries can be performed using this technique.


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