Visit in Intensive Care Units

Visit in Intensive Care Units

The Protocol of Visit in Intensive Care Units

1- The visit time for intensive care units are from 15:30 to 16:30 of even days and Fridays

2- Infection prevention equipment, including the cloth gowns, shoe covers and masks are available to the visitors. Washing the hands with antiseptic solutions before entering intensive care units, is mandatory.

3- Only the first degree family members of the patient are allowed to visit the patient.

4- In order to keep the patients’ calm and control the infection, the patients who are transferred to the intensive care units after surgeries will not have any visitors for 24-hours.

5- Maximum 2 visitors can visit the patient on the same time.

6- The visitors are forbidden to have physical contact with the patient.

7- It is forbidden to visit the patient beyond the visit time.

8- The visitors should avoid brining flowers, cookies, and foodstuff.



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