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Nutrition Clinic


Healthy nutrition means consumption of foodstuff in a balanced and diverse way appropriate for the physical state of the person. Frequent infectious diseases, lack of adequate energy for daily activities, cardiac palpitations, and some diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases are some of the signs of inappropriate nutrition. Erfan Hospital with its prominent nutrition specialists provides counseling and the appropriate diet plans.

The services provided in this unit include the following:

•    Evaluation of causes and treatment of weight loss, obesity and weight control
•    Weight loss in accordance with scientific and medical principles
•    Training in weight loss exercises
•    Fitness by removal of adipose tissue and without return
•    Diets for patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ...
•    Diets to determine the sex of the fetus before pregnancy
•    Prenatal nutrition and nutrition during lactation and in old age
•    Nutrition and diet during growth of children and adolescents
•    Nutrition and diet for athletes


About Erfan Hospital

Erfan Hospital is a private multie specialty sinc in2007, to provide advanced health, treatment and medical services based on human values and dignity. Erfan is one of the best equipped hospitals in Iran, established in accordance with the latest hospital standards, and designed and constructed as a general hospital, enjoying well equipped operation rooms for all subspecialty fields. 

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