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Imaging Unit

Medical imaging is an efficient tool for the diagnosis of diseases and finding suitable treatments, and in cancer patients, evaluation of the disease progression and follow-up of the effect of treatment method.
The Imaging Unit of Erfan hospital is equipped with the best and most advanced imaging equipment that help the doctors in diagnosis of diseases. This center is trying to improve the patients’ satisfaction by providing 24-hour services completely and carefully in the fields of medical imaging in radiology, CT Scan, MRI, sonography and mammography departments.
One of the unique features of the Erfan Hospital Imaging Unit is the employment of the modern imaging devices with advanced options. Also, this center is one of the centers that fully perform all imaging protocols.


The 1.5 Tesla MRI machine used in Erfan hospital performs all simple and specific imaging of all parts of the human body including the brain, spinal column, abdomen, pelvis, joints, and the limbs, as well as the MR angiography, MR Arthrography, MR urography, endorectal MRI (for accurate evaluation of prostate and pelvic masses), MR mammography (for evaluation of the breast diseases), and whole body MRI (for evaluation of metastasis and its stage).  

CT- Scan

The CT- Scan machine used in this center is of spiral multidetector type. This device can produce high-quality 3D images including CT angiography of all body vessels, virtual bronchoscopy, virtual colonoscopy, and HRCT in thin 1mm sections for more accurate investigations.


The Imaging Unit of Erfan hospital is equipped with digital radiology and highly accurate fluoroscopy machines which are used for simple and specific radiography of all body parts. The digital radiology machine is one of the advantages of this center, as it is of prominent value in the provision of perfect imaging services.


Sonography is used in diagnosis of the gynecological, neurological, ocular, hepatic, and cardiac diseases, as well as in sonotherapy. The advanced sonography machines used by this center can perform two, three and four-dimensional and color doppler sonography of all body parts to investigate vascular lesions.



Mammography is a type of imaging in which low-dose x-ray is used to investigate the breast. In the Imaging Unit of Erfan hospital, the digital mammography machine is used for accurate investigation of breast diseases through magnification and marking.

Interventional procedures

In this center, all CT-guided and ultrasound-guided interventional procedures including biopsy, FNA, drainage, nephrostomy, nerve block, etc. as well as vascular interventions such as angiography, port insertion, transjugular liver biopsy, and tumor embolization are performed under the supervision of the radiologists. This center is one of the first centers that perform interventional procedures.




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